A collaboration between two Thales Foundation projects in Mali for a bigger impact

In December 2017, France Mali Initiatives Développement’s mobile laboratory travelled to the village of Samako, where Association Solidarité Développement Samako (ASDS) built a science centre. The two projects, which received Foundation support in 2015 and 2016, joined forces to create positive synergies.



On Friday 22 December, children in the village of Samako joyfully welcomed the arrival of FMID’s mobile laboratory.


After introductions, students and trainers gathered in the science centre built with support from the Thales Foundation. Students were divided into small groups to conduct experiments. Nineteen 11-year-old students (including seven girls!) had the chance to participate in this extraordinary day of learning.



The morning was dedicated to experiments on electricity. Students were able to operate a light bulb and a motor, discovering the existence of a direction of electric current. In the afternoon, students received a lesson in mechanics and practiced determining centres of gravity.


The approach thrilled the students, who participated in practical experiments that had never been done in Samako. The experience reinforced their desire to learn and also helped spark initiatives and goals, like installing light bulbs in village houses and maybe even one day connecting the village to a power grid.



Such successful collaborations between Foundation projects are invaluable, providing new opportunities for partner associations and project sponsors.


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