2018 payroll giving scheme results: A year of success, generosity and impact!

Thales’s payroll giving scheme once again demonstrated its impact in 2018. The amount of money raised to benefit six associations rose 22%, with a total of €287,526.90 collected over 12 months thanks to 45,089 microdonations from 4,086 employee donors, making a major impact on beneficiary associations.



View the detailed results for each association by clicking on the projects below and then on the (A CE JOUR) “To Date” tab:



Objective: Give the most underprivileged children in Africa better access to education

Thanks to the generosity of 35% of Thales’s microdonors, the association was able to distribute 23,154 school kits in 159 schools in Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Madagascar at the start of the 2018 school year and refurbish and provide other classroom equipment to schools. In three years, 48,000 children have received equipment thanks to Thales employee donations alone! Find out more




Objective: Help dyspraxic children learn using digital tools

This new association joined the payroll giving programme in June 2018 and has already received support from 8% of Thales’s microdonors, whose donations helped train 2,300 coaches (teachers, mediators, parents) on digital tools in order to foster inclusion of dyspraxic children. 460,000 free digital tools were downloaded in 2018! Find out more




Objective: Re-establish communication networks after natural disasters

The money raised from 11% of Thales’s microdonors in 2018 allowed Telecommunications Without Borders to conduct three emergency operations in 2018 after earthquakes and typhoons in Indonesia and the Philippines. Thanks to them, 17,000 victims of these disasters were able to communicate with loved ones and 45 humanitarian organisations could coordinate their crisis response. Find out more




Objective: Reduce primary and secondary school dropout rates in Cambodia

By mobilizing 12% of microdonors, Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant was able to finance 8 640 hours of extra tutoring for 450 Cambodian primary and secondary schoolchildren in Khmer, maths, English, physics, chemistry and biology during the 2017-18 school year. In two years, 584 students have caught up in their studies thanks to employee donations! Find out more




Objective: Teach and share civic values through an educational platform

Thanks to the support of 23% of Thales’s microdonors in 2018, 11,565 children and teachers in 22 schools in France, Benin, Senegal and Togo learned about civic values and international solidarity through training, dialogue between schools and micro-aid projects. Find out more




Objective: Improve access to education and information for youth in priority neighbourhoods

Libraries Without Borders received support from 12% of Thales’s microdonors. Thanks to their donations, the association developed four media library kits and made them available to 6,500 beneficiaries and mediators in priority neighbourhoods in France in 2018. Find out more


A big THANK YOU to all of our microdonors for their solidarity and commitment!

As a reminder, the payroll giving scheme allows all Thales employees in France to support a charity project by donating a few cents from their paycheck each month and, if they wish, by making an additional donation of up to 10 euros. 100% of the donations go to the association and the Group has agreed to match employee donations. The payroll giving scheme requires no commitment; microdonors can change the amount they give, end their participation, or donate to a different project at any time.


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