Digital Neighbourhoods- Bordeaux, France

Project Location: Bordeaux, France

Organisation: Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires

Project Description

In 2019, in addition to supporting associative projects, Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires (BMS) mobilized local ecosystem stakeholders to build a programme that aimed at developing digital skills in 5 priority districts of the Bordeaux Metropole through two axes:

– Digital inclusion: associations train their beneficiaries and the inhabitants of their neighbourhoods in the use of digital technology.

– Raising awareness of digital professions in order to determine what the beneficiaries are interested in and support them towards training, then employment.

The Impact

500 people – selected from among the beneficiaries of the associations in the priority districts and, more generally, the district residents – will be trained in digital technology skills and 50 people will be directed towards employment. The goal is also to increase the digital skills of 5 neighbourhood associations so that they can directly contribute to promoting autonomy in the use of digital technology (daily life, job search, access to rights) and to strengthening professional integration within digital professions. There will be a particular focus on raising women’s awareness of digital professions, which are under-represented in the sector.

This project was selected by the Thales Campus Bordeaux site, winner of the 2019 Microndon challenge.


Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires(BMS) is a private and independent endowment fund made up of local corporate sponsors whose purpose is to finance and support associative projects that fight against precariousness, social and professional integration and social innovation in Bordeaux, France. BMS works with public actors who provide expertise in analysis, private actors who provide financing, equipment and important skills and associative actors who develop projects within the territory.


«Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires is a major and recognized local player in the field of insertion. Its Digital Neighbourhoods programme is aligned with the Thales Foundation’s areas of intervention and enables it to offer volunteer employees at the site the opportunity to get involved in concrete and local social action»

Carine Sztark, Ambassador for the Thales Foundation (Bordeaux, France)