Celebrating 5 years of the Thales Foundation and moving forward!


In 5 years, the Foundation has had numerous achievements, including supporting 77 projects and 51 NGOs since 2014. 350 volunteer employees have joined the Foundation’s projects by donating their time, energy and passion to generate a sustainable impact in the areas of Science Education, Classroom Innovation and Natural Disaster Prevention and Preparedness. The Thales Foundation has served more than 198,000 people in more than 20 countries around the world. Together, let’s write the next chapter of Thales’ solidarity.


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In 2019, Thales redefined its corporate citizenship strategy in order to integrate all of the Group’s solidarity actions around common areas of intervention and criteria to increase societal impact.


This change follows the overview of the Thales Foundation, created in 2014 which is evolving to meet the expectations of the Group’s employees’ and support the societal transformations of a more responsible world.


To achieve this, the Group’s social engagement actions will now focus on the following three areas of intervention:


– Education and professional integration through technology
– Tech for the Environment
– Digital citizenship


With this new strategy, called the Thales Solidarity Programme, all the actions supported throughout the Group will be aligned around unified and rigorous selection and reporting criteria. Within this framework, the “Tech for Solidarity” charitable fund will replace the Thales Foundation in financing selected projets with strong social impact and, initiatives that promote employee engagement, guaranteeing the transparency and proper follow-up required by such a charitable structure. Lastly, a digital platform will be launched in the third quarter of 2019 to support employees volunteer engagement by presenting all the projects and volunteer missions supported throughout the Group, worldwide.