Titre - Thales - Discover the fondation

Through the Thales Foundation, Thales wants to help improve human well-being and harness the potential of innovation to meet the challenges we face as a society. The Foundation relies on the engagement of Thales employees, helping to channel their energy and their expertise into the two broad areas of focus it has chosen: education and humanitarian crises.

In the area of education, the Foundation will support projects and programmes related to science teaching and classroom innovation. The focus will be on school-age children and their teachers in an effort to arouse children’s interest, encourage their curiosity and improve their capacity to learn about science. The ultimate goal is to stimulate a spirit of innovation among young people so they are more adaptable and better equipped to cope with a fast-changing world.

In the area of humanitarian crises, the Foundation will draw on Thales technologies and the expertise of Thales employees to help to anticipate natural disasters and environmental emergencies and reduce the impact they have on communities. The needs are clearly huge and an enormous range of actions would be possible. The Thales Foundation will focus on risk prevention to better anticipate disasters and preparedness to make emergency responses more effective.

The Thales Foundation is an incubator for innovative projects and programmes that aim to make the world a little better.