Lab’Hôpital: Teaching Hospitalised Children Science Through Experimentation- Bullion, France

Project Location: Bullion, France

Organisation: Ecole à l’hôpital

Project Description

The project, Lab’Hôpital, was set up and piloted in 2018 – with the support of the Thales Foundation – at Bullion Hospital (78) with the installation of a “laboratory classroom” and the creation of science experiment kits for SVT and Physics-Chemistry in 6 hospitals in Ile-de-France region.

Taking into account the constraints of the hospital, the Bullion laboratory classroom and science experiment kits allow young patients to apply and experiment with the theoretical courses given by teachers in accordance with the programmes already in place. They are guided and encouraged by volunteer teachers.For the 2019-2020 school year, the association wishes to complete the materiel of the laboratory classrooms at Bullion Hospital and create new science experiment kits for other hospitals


This program benefits young people in hospital, on an occasional or long-term basis, by allowing them to maintain the link with their schooling. 72% of the young people followed by the association are secondary school students.Thanks to the Foundation’s renewed support in 2019, 3 new science kits will be created (1 SVT kit for the Maison des Adolescents in Cochin, 1 SVT kit and 1 Physics and Chemistry kit for the Ambroise Paré hospital) and the rest of the existing suitcases will be completed with new equipment.

This project was selected by the Thales Research & Technology Palaiseau site, winner of the 2019 Microdon Challenge.


For over years 90, L’Ecole à l’Hôpital has offered free, individual classes in all subjects to young patients ages 5 to 25 in Ile-de-France, either in the hospital or at home, so they can continue their education despite their condition. Each year, nearly 4,500 students receive 23,000 hours of individually tailored classes taught by nearly 500 qualified volunteer teachers.


“This project has won the support of Palaiseau’s employees, who are very committed to the sharing of scientific knowledge, teaching and education, toward the benefit of aiding as many as possible and in particular, the most vulnerable, such as the hospitalised children supported by l’Ecole à l’hôpital

Fabienne Issot Sergent, TRT Communication Director (Palaiseau, France)