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Accompanying the commitments of its employees

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The call for projects aims to support employee engagement by providing funding for community projects proposed by Thales employees.

Any Thales employee in any country can take part. One of the objectives of the call for projects is to encourage staff to become involved in the local communities in the countries where Thales does business. The Foundation will launch a call for projects every year, scheduled for the fourth trimester of 2019 (date to be determined).

How does it work?

Who can propose a project?

Any Thales employee who is involved in a community project, or undertakes to become involved in a community project in the future.

How can employees take part in the call for projects?

Once launched, they can register on the dedicated site, fill in the online form, upload the necessary documents, and meet the specified criteria and deadline.

Which projects are eligible?

The main criteria for eligibility are as follows:

– Focus area: The project must be related to one of the Foundation’s focus areas: education or humanitarian crises.
– Personal implication: The employee must already be involved in the project or undertake to get involved.
– Common good: The project must serve the common good, benefit a community or group of individuals and meet a specific societal need in a particular place.
– Entity: The project must be organised and managed by a registered legal entity, preferably a non-profit organisation (community organisation, charity, etc.).
– Purpose: The Foundation does not fund projects organised by individuals, businesses, religious or political organisations; nor does it fund operating expenses not connected with the project.

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Skills mobilisation

The pilot programs and certain other chosen projects are seeking volunteers to provide their professional and personal expertise to accomplish their different projects. Don’t hesitate to participate!

Consult the searched skills

The Foundation employees portal includes a list of skills and areas of specialisation. Employees are able to put forward which professional or personal expertise they wish to contribute. Starting in 2015, this information will be used to put employees in touch with the organisers of projects that require their specialised expertise.

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Payroll giving scheme

Since May 2016, Thales group has been working with the social entreprise microDON to enable employees to donate a few cents or euros of their salaries each month to charity projects supported by the Foundation, thanks to an innovative tool of joint solidarity :


  • Planète Urgence to help improve access to education and school attendance for underprivileged children in Africa


  • Aide et Action to encourage learning about civic responsabilities through dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing





  • Cartable Fantastique to provide dyspraxic students and their schools with adapted tools they need to learn



By end of 2018, 5,282 employees joined the payroll giving scheme.
Since the beginning of the operation, Thales employees have donated €287,526.