In Mexico City, the Sum Foundation launched a new innovation camp for young girls

Thanks to the support awarded by the Thales Foundation in 2016, the SUM Foundation has organised a new innovation training to enable 70 girls aged 14 to 21 to design and develop a project that meets a challenge their communities face.




In 2016, Evelyn Loredo, Head of Innovation at Thales in Mexico, was eager to engage with Mexican students in difficult neighborhoods. She thus submitted a pedagogical innovation project to the Thales Foundation in order to help these young people develop the skills needed for tomorrow’s careers and explore the fields of science and innovation.


Building on the success of this first workshop on innovation, Evelyn and the SUM Foundation organised new sessions in November 2017 for 70 young girls, aged 14 to 21. The aim of this training was to promote entrepreneurship, new technologies and innovation and to support teenagers and young women in developing their professional projects.


The camp days were divided into different workshops around the themes that were essential for the success of their project. During the 4 sessions, the participants worked as a team to identify a problem specific to their community and design a project to solve it.


Here is the video of the event !



On December 2, each team presented their initiative to a jury composed of entrepreneurs, academics and government officials. Three projects particularly caught the attention of the jury.


1st Place: Dress Upp


Dress Upp is a mobile application that allows you to create outfits with your own clothes and to barter or donate clothes or accessories. The creators received a full scholarship to continue developing their project and incubating it at the National Academy of Entrepreneurs in Mexico City.



2nd Place: Funny Garbage


It’s a garbage collection system that consists in the use of a mobile app to locate garbage cans and earn points to exchange them for discount coupons in different places, in addition to allowing the recycling of garbage. The members of this team received a Tablet powered by Intel.



3rd Place: Mami RECI


It seeks to train pregnant teenage mothers in the creation and elaboration of lamps and objects that they can sell to cover their expenses. This team received a free course in Digital Marketing and Programming so they can continue learning technological knowledge to develop their business idea.



At the end, all participants earned a diploma for their participation and the girls with higher scores will have the opportunity to receive mentoring by some of our partners.


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