The voluntary mission of Jeroen in Nepal

Follow Thales employee Jeroen van der Lugt’s voluntary mission to Nepal where he will help the Thales Foundation supported ORCHE Nepal project to rebuild houses in the Rasuwa district, a rural and isolated region of the kingdom, using anti-seismic techniques.




Final Episode : Looking back on a helpful adventure


Jeroen is finally back in the Netherlands and tells us more about what he learnt from his amazing experience in Nepal.




Episode 8 : The manual to build a house


Time flies when you’re building houses! Jeroen and the team are on the leave. Before they go, they share their expertise with the villagers to ensure the village keeps developing in the future.




Episode 7 : Rebuilding the village


Jeroen and the team are working on the houses. It’s hard work in the hot sun. That doesn’t bother the team to create a whole table with benches in their spare time!




Episode 6 : Hiking to the old monastery


Jeroen went on a trek to visit the old monastery that collapsed during the earthquake. Rebuilding the monastery might take a lot of time due to insufficient funding.




Episode 5 : Medical care in Gatlang


Jeroen introduces Jesús Casado. Jesús is the local doctor, who will stay temporarily in Gatlang. Medical care is scarce in the village and it’s always a challenge to get the right medicine.




Episode 4 : Building up Gatlang


After a long preparation time, the real work starts with the building of the first houses! Jeroen shows us the preparation and the initiation ritual of the first house. Let’s make this a success to remember!




Episode 3 : Jeroen meets those affected by the earthquake


Jeroen is having an interview with a Gatlang residence. She talks about what impact the earthquake had on the other residents of Gatlang and why the help of the NGO ORCHE is so important.




Episode 2 : The first day in Gatland


After a 13 hours trip on a boumpy and winding road, Jeroen finally arrived in the village of Gatland, in the north of Kathmandu near the Chinese border. In this new video, he shows us the village and the guest-house in which he will live for the next 16 days.




Episode 1 : Why I am going on a volunteer mission in Nepal ?


That’s it ! Jeroen took off for Nepal. Once there, he will help the association ORCHE Nepal led by Maria-Belen Sanchez-Esguevilla, engineer at Thales. To learn more about this project supported by the Thales Foundation, please visit here.




Jeroen is presenting his volunteer mission in Nepal !


A Sales Director for Thales in the Netherlands, Jeroen has demonstrated enormous determination and motivation to make this mission possible. As a keen amateur trekker, Jeroen is not worried about the three hours of mountain walking that will be necessary to reach his destination in the Nepalese mountains.


Jeroen found out about the anti-seismic construction project in Nepal when reading about the Thales Foundation’s selected projects. He then contacted the project leader, Maria-Belen Sanchez-Esguevillas, an engineer at Thales Alenia Space in Spain, who helped turn his commitment and his desire to be directly involved in the field into reality. And thanks to Thales support, he is now ready for departure!


You can accompany him here on his voyage through the videos he will be sending back from Nepal. Thanks Jeroen!




If you would like to make a donation to the NGO ORCHE Nepal, click here.


This solidarity action was coordinated by the Thales Foundation.
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