3D printers at school – Netherlands

Sponsored by Marcel Kuipers, QHSE manager (Huizen, Netherlands)

Theme : Sciences education

Project location : Huizen, Netherlands

Organisation : Stitching Science4Kids

Winner 2016


The “3D printers in every school” project is aimed at introducing 21th century skills to groups of children from 7 to 14 years to help them become savvy in applying design tools to thinking, visualization in 3D dimension and inspire them to choose technology education and careers.

The pilot initiative will be implemented at Huizen NH Primary Schools. The funding will cover the purchase of 4 Velleman Vertex 3D printers and operational costs (printing materials and maintenance).

Science4kids organisation is playing and active role to ensure its rollout. Its staff and volunteers will provide lessons in designing with free software tools like TinkerCad, SketchUp and Inventor, as well as rules to operate, print, maintain and solve technical challenges..


180 children of 12 primary schools in Huizen will benefit from this innovative programme.


Stitching Science4Kids is a small non-commercial organization, which mission is to maximize educational society impact. It develops education programs in science and technology domain. The programs are guided by professionals teamed up with volunteers with technical backgrounds, skilled to transfer knowledge in an authentic and inspiring manner to children. These lessons are highly rewarded by children and teachers, and their initiative is gaining momentum.
The vision of Science4Kids is to introduce children in age category of 7 to 14 years to technologies of “tomorrow”, to allow them get acquainted, learn and get inspired with opportunities by next generation technologies, and make a better career choices.


“Thales is not a stand-alone company, it is part of the society. Therefore it must take its social responsibility to all the Thales stakeholders including the future employees, who are now following their education. I would like to contribute to the Thales Foundation in order to take my own responsibility for making this initiative successful. I am already a volunteer in a school council, in which I am a representative of the parents. But I would like also to contribute to an innovation project in the education domain.”

Marcel Kuipers, QHSE manager (Huizen, Netherlands)