Meet the 2019 projects of the Thales Foundation

In 2019, the Foundation decided to renew its support for 3 projects that had won awards in previous years. After studying the developments proposed by the partner associations, it selected 3 initiatives for their substantial impact in France, India and Togo in the fields of science, technology and sustainable development education.



Beautiful Earth, Care it, Share it: Chamarajanagar Taluk, State of Karnatak, India


“Beautiful Earth, Care it, Share it”, a project continued from 2018, educates children through innovative techniques on creating a sustainable environment in the Chamarajanagar Taluk region of India. This project directly involves the young generation in sustainable development activities, most notably aimed at conserving water and forest resources which are commonly mismanaged in this region. In 2019, not only will 2,000 students benefit from the trainings and contribute the planting of 200,000 saplings but, the addition of a digital learning and monitoring platform will amplify the impact, with the goal of reaching 46,000 users in over 450 schools of the district.  Learn more >>



Hardware training and software development center: Niamtougou, Togo


Located next to the multimedia e-learning center which was funded by the Foundation in 2016, the NGO Five Hearts is building a computer lab dedicated to repairing PCs and software training. The centre will allow students who do not have the opportunity to continue their studies beyond their high-school diploma to develop concrete technical skills that will aid them in finding a job later on, in addition to having the basics of software coding. The students will benefit from concentrated sessions during their school holidays, but the centre will remain open during the school year for additional training. The first group of students will be welcomed in August 2019, working toward an overall goal of training 120 students throughout the year.  Learn more >>



Makerspace Challenge: Southwest Region of France


The Makerspace Challenge, led by the Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil, gears up for their third year of challenges, encouraging students with educational difficulties to learn about the latest technology and how to use it responsibly through a “learning by doing” teaching technique. The “Makerspace” is a mobile cart with created with the tools needed for the students to complete the challenge (3D printer, tablets, computers, etc.) The goal is to reignite the student’s interests through practical work: printing 3D parts of drones and robots, carrying out simple automation using new technologies and assembling/flying multi-rotor drones. This year, 60 students coming from over 10 schools will participate in the challenge.  Learn more >>


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