Titre - Thales - Message from chairman

Companies have a major role to play in meeting the societal challenges we face today as wall as helping make the world safer and more sustainable. When we work hand-in-hand with the community, we move closer towards this goal.

By creating the Thales Foundation, we want to expand the company’s community engagement in ways that are relevant to our core mission of making the world a safer place through innovation and new technology.

The Thales Foundation has chosen two key areas of intervention: education and humanitarian crises. Our priorities in the field of education will be to support science education and classroom innovation; and in the humanitarian field, we will be concentrating on natural and environmental risk prevention and disaster preparedness.

Both of these areas align with the culture of a company of researchers, engineers and technicians who are passionate about technology and believe that education and collective intelligence are crucial to making the world around us better.

The kind of work we do makes us well aware of the needs of humanitarian relief organisations, quite simply because, directly or indirectly, we contribute to their efforts.

By providing our support and technology to the partners and professionals who are directly involved in these areas, we believe we can make a difference for the people they help.

Thales employees were closely involved in setting up the Foundation, and today they are proud to be part of this adventure. Everybody can get involved by contributing their expertise and experience — or simply their time and energy.

Patrice Caine

CEO of Thales