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Human capital and technologies

As an extension of the Group’s core mission to make the world a safer place, the Thales Foundation aims to draw on Thales’s innovative flair and technology expertise to benefit society in the areas of education and humanitarian crises.

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Prepare, prevent and anticipate

In each of these areas of focus, the Foundation aims to help society to prepare for the future. In the field of education, the objective is to anticipate the major changes that flow down from disruptive technologies. In the field of humanitarian crises, the Foundation aims to focus on disaster preparedness to help humanitarian organisations respond effectively in emergency situations.




In education, the Foundation aims to promote science, innovation and new models of teaching and learning.

Focusing on children and teachers in primary and secondary education, the objective is to ensure that everybody has access to the same opportunities and teaching methods.

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Humanitarian crises

In the area of humanitarian crises, the Foundation aims to support relief organisations and at-risk populations through projects that reduce people’s vulnerability by mitigating risks of of natural and environmental disasters and enhancing emergency preparedness.

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 The Thales Foundation is conceived as an incubator for social innovation and the engine of community engagement by the Group. Through its Foundation, Thales intends to draw on its expertise and technologies, and the community engagement of its employees, to further these goals.

Three key principles will guide the Foundation in its choice of programmes.

Social innovation

Helping to develop and implement new products, services, models or methods that meet social needs and create new relationships and interactions within the community.

Collective intelligence

Combining the expertise of community organisations and Thales employees.

International replicability

Potentially serving as a model for similar projects in other cities and other countries.