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Pilot programmes

The Foundation’s programme are in construction and selection phase. The first programmes will be announced in January 2015.

Pilot programmes are the Foundation’s flagship initiatives. They are ambitious, innovative and designed to have a real social impact.

The pilot programmes will be developed around the Thales Foundation’s core criteria — social innovation, collective intelligence and international replicability — and will draw on the skills of Thales employees. In each case, Thales will play a key role in the launch of a new programme or the beginning of a new phase in an existing programme.

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Make a difference

Of the 73 projects submitted by Thales employees in the first call for projects, 13 were chosen by the selection committee after a full evaluation. These projects will receive financial support from the Foundation in 2015-2016, and Thales employees are welcome to help on a voluntary basis.

Most of the projects selected so far have a focus on education, trying to rekindle young people’s interest in science and technology. Some of them are developing new digital tools to improve access to education in poorer countries. Others are testing new ways to meet the educational needs of children who have dropped out of school. One humanitarian project has also been selected to provide basic first aid training to communities at risk.

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