School safety for Tibetan Community – India

Sponsored by Charu Pandey, Configuration engineer (New Delhi, India)

Theme : Humanitarian emergency

Project location : : Kangra, India

Organisation : GeoHazards Society

Winner 2016


The project aims to improve school safety in Tibetan Community Schools in Kangra District.
Kangra, situated in Western Himalayas at a high altitude, is the most populous district of the state Himachal Pradesh. The entire state is prone to earthquake: it lies in zone V as per seismic zone map of India and could witness an earthquake of intensity 9 and above.

GeoHazards Society (GHS) will employ and train a school safety advocate from the Tibetan community to train teachers and students with the help of a School Safety Mobile Application and other tools. The schools targeted by the project will develop School Disaster Preparedness Plans and will test the plans together in a massive Kangra Tibetan School Preparedness Drill in November 2016, followed by a lessons learnt workshop in Dharamshala. The project will develop guidance to the schools in taking steps towards comprehensive school safety in Tibetan and English languages.

GHS will work closely with the Education department so that the learning under the project will benefit other Tibetan schools beyond the district. The Tibetan School in Delhi will also be involved in the project so that volunteers from Thales India can take part in school safety promotion efforts. This will also help liaise with the Education Department of the Government of Delhi in order to encourage them to promote the use of the mobile application and organise mass school preparedness drills in 2017. This will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the efforts in school safety.


5 500 school children and staff are direct beneficiaries, and about 20 000 family and community members will be indirectly impacted. Most of them are from the Tibetan community.


GeoHazards Society (GHS) is an Indian not-for-profit organisation created in 1991, working towards making the country´s most vulnerable communities safer from natural and other hazards, through preparedness and mitigation. Along with its international partner organisation, GeoHazards International, the organisation has been working in partnership with government organizations and corporate sectors in conducting programmes on community preparedness, school safety, hospital safety, engineers training, etc


“I want to participate in the Foundation’s project so that I can make a difference to the society and environment that we are living in today. I have already been involved with an NGO working in Humanitarian relief and emergency drills. I helped them make small videos, showing for example the phenomena in case of earthquake. I would like now to contribute in the area of education and technology which is very necessary in a country like India.”

Charu Pandey, Configuration engineer (New Delhi, India)