Payroll giving: 2,800 Thales employees helping make a little go a long way!


Since the launch of the payroll giving scheme in May 2016, more than 2,800 Thales employees in France have already opted to take part, donating over 120,000 euros to four associations in just eight months. Thanks to all the Thales employees who have taken part in this giving campaign!


By December 2016, eight months after the start of the programme, employee donations (matched by the Group) had already funded a large portion of the recipient associations’ objectives:




Planète Urgence raised a record amount of money (€58,632.76) and can now distribute 9,600 school kits to help educate children in Benin, Cameroon and Madagascar.








Aide et Action is halfway to meeting its fundraising objective (having raised €32,369.38) and is stepping up its citizenship education activities in schools in France and Senegal.








Bibliothèques Sans Frontières raised €18,292.84, the equivalent of 2/3 the cost of an “Ideas Box” media library, which it plans to roll out in 2017 in underprivileged neighbourhoods in Cannes.





Télécoms Sans Frontières received €15,441.16, 10% of the cost of its activities in Haiti aimed at providing means of communication to victims and NGOs after Hurricane Matthew.





In France, the L’ARRONDI programme is operated by the social entrepreneurs at microDON, who directed 3 million micro-donations to more than 350 non-profit organisations in 2016. With the support of its partners, including the Thales Foundation, L’ARRONDI rolled out a major publicity campaign in October and November 2016 on national television stations and in the Paris metro. A simple and convenient solution, L’ARRONDI aims to become one of the largest fundraising programmes in France, a brand that everyone can recognise and identify, and the giving mechanism of choice for French donors!



Payroll giving at Thales: The payroll giving scheme allows all Thales employees in France to support a charity project by donating a few cents from their paycheck each month and, if they wish, by making an additional donation of up to 10 euros. 100% of the donations go to the association and the Group has agreed to match employee donations. The payroll giving scheme requires no commitment; microdonors can change the amount they give, end their participation, or donate to a different project at any time.


To learn more about the projects or share information about the payroll giving scheme with your colleagues, visit the Thales Microdon portal.


For questions, contact the Foundation team by email: