Project achievement: spotlights on the construction of a green belt in Sri Lanka

This humanitarian project in Sri Lanka, awarded by the Thales Foundation in 2017, has successfully reached its objectives. Discover the video made by Darshani Kanagaratnam Selvanithy, a Thales employee and project sponsor based in Dubai.



The project aimed to build a plant barrier to protect coastal villages from natural disasters on the island of Kayts in northern Sri Lanka. It now protects 9,876 people, including 2,928 children. During severe and frequent droughts, this barrier guarantees the availability of pure drinking water. On the other hand, during the monsoon, it limits the number of flooded houses. This reduction in climate risks also reduces school drop-out rates. Recently, Darshani also launched a crowdfunding campaign to round out other needs around this project.


To learn more, watch the video below!



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