First aid training in Haiti

Sponsored by Jean-François LONZI, Customer service (Brive, France)

Theme: Humanitarian crises / improving preparedness

Project location: Cap Haïtien, Haiti

Organisation: Dordogne departmental civil protection association



25 trainers and a population of 2,000 people living in a rural area and far from health clinics (3 to 5 hours on foot), will be impacted by this project.

The project consists of helping to ensure the safety of disadvantaged people in Cap-Haïtien who face the threat of multiple natural disasters (earthquakes, epidemics, hurricanes, etc.).

The focal point of the project is the training of 25 trainers and group leaders who can pass on the first aid information needed to care for the local population.

In collaboration with Cap-Haïtien fire fighters, the Dordogne Departmental Civil Protection Association (ADPC24) would like to teach basic first aid, inform residents and develop an early organisation system for major crisis situations.


The Dordogne Departmental Civil Protection Association (ADPC24) provides first aid to people at sporting and other events. At the request of national and local authorities, it teaches basic first aid and provides training to local residents.


Since the hurricane in Haiti, we have noticed a growing lack of first aid services. With our limited resources, we are trying to develop first aid training so people can care for themselves and treat the wounded. In a second phase, we would like to train instructors so they can further develop first aid training and make it more widespread.

Jean-François LONZI

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    26 Oct 2015