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When disaster strikes, we must ensure no donation is lost, stolen or used poorly

June 23, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“The Disasters Emergency Committee coordinates donations and volunteers for relief efforts abroad – why do we have nothing similar in the UK?”

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UN warns ‘no progress’ on 260 million missing school places

June 21, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“Global pledges to provide education for all young people show little chance of being achieved, according to annual figures from the United Nations. There are 264 million young people without access to school, with few signs of progress, says Unesco.”

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Building Disaster-Ready Philanthropy

October, 2015 | Rising sun overport

“Reacting in the wake of a disaster isn’t wrong, but think of the difference a proactive funding strategy could make.”

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UN risk reduction forum in Cancun closes with call to harness data

May 29, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“We can’t change nature, but we can be prepared if we have the right information – that was the message from a major United Nations conference on risk reduction in Cancun, Mexico, which closed with a call for all countries to systematically measure losses from natural disasters.”

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Bangladesh rescuers race to reach landslide victims

June 12, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“Death toll hits 145 and is expected to rise with rain and bad roads hampering rescue efforts in southeast Bangladesh.”

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Keeping Children in School During Natural Crises

June 5, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“In the context of a changing climate, how can we ensure that schoolchildren who live in rural areas are consistently able to attend school?”

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Education aid ‘stagnates’ despite pledges

June 7, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“International funding to support education in poorer countries is “stagnating”, says a Unesco report, despite campaigns calling for more investment. Overseas aid for education stands at about $12bn (£9bn) – which Unesco says is 4% less than in 2010.”

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Put a price on the costs of disasters, says U.N. risk chief

April 26, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“Calculating the costs of natural disasters is a valuable way for governments to recognize and limit the potential for damage, especially as extreme weather linked to climate change occurs more often, the United Nations’ disaster prevention chief says.”

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UN warns of millions missing school in conflict zones

April 24, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“Warfare and conflict are preventing 25 million young people from getting any access to school, says Unicef.”

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Communicating tsunami evacuations effectively

April 11, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“An effective communication approach incorporating computer simulations could help people find practical means to evacuate in the event of a tsunami.”

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Local, strategic and economic: a recipe for risk reduction

March 31, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“Local governments, strategic thinking and the economic bottom line are driving forces of efforts to curb the impacts of natural and human-induced hazards.”

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The Government of Malawi and UNICEF announce first humanitarian drone testing corridor in Africa

December 15, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“The Government of Malawi and UNICEF have announced the establishment of an air corridor to test potential humanitarian use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – also known as drones. ”

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Transforming Cities Into Learning Landscapes

September 26, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Cities can create outside-the-classroom learning opportunities for low-income children by encouraging communities to reimage everyday locations in their neighborhoods as places for playful learning.”

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How technology can help disaster response

January 25, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“From crowdsourcing data to the use of next generation technology, our expert panel has 12 ideas how tech can improve humanitarian response”

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Kenya’s tech startups trial digital classrooms in drive for literacy

January 23, 2017 | Rising sun overport

“With limited internet access and regular power outages in schools, will digital education companies transform learning in east Africa?”

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Why education should become more like artificial intelligence

December 5, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Artificial intelligence is all around us. It’s in our cars, our homes and our pockets. IBM is teaching Watson to understand, reason and even to learn — helping to translate information into knowledge that can help drive more informed decision-making in medical care.”

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STEM education: Not just for the next Neil Armstrong

September 20, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“I think I knew as a little girl that I was addicted to the stars and the universe and trying to understand it.”

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What STEM Education Will Look Like in 2026

September 20, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“The U.S. Department of Education and the American Institutes for Research released a report on what STEM education will look like in 10 years.”

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Why are 63 million girls missing out on education? – podcast

September 19, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Half of all children born this year will leave school without even the most basic of qualifications. Girls are at the highest risk of missing out on schooling altogether, but what’s being done to tackle it?”

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More than just a science lesson: NASA EarthKAM fascinates a special education classroom

July 27, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Dacia DeAngelis, a teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Asbury Park, stood in the center of the classroom, dangling a red ball the size of an apple above a fifth-grader’s head.”

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How well are we future-proofing students (Australia)?

July 04, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Reports have shown that within 10-15 years, nearly 40% of Australian jobs will be automated.”

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California legislators push computer science education bill

June 27, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Reports have shown that within 10-15 years, nearly 40% of Australian jobs will be automated.”

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From “Bahala Na” to Disaster Preparedness: How Project NOAH Made Filipinos Disaster-Ready

June 12, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“The legislation would create an advisory board composed of 23 education professionals across K-12 and higher ed.”

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Opening of UN regional meeting highlights people-centred approach to disaster risk reduction

June 09, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“8 June 2016 – Disaster risk reduction is everyone’s business, a top United Nations official said today at the opening of a first-ever high-level meeting on strengthening disaster response and building capacities in the Americas, long considered one of the world’s most exposed regions.”

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Google Apps for Education’s Science-Loving Updates

May 27, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Will Google Apps for Education be Gen Y’s Bill Nye the Science Guy?”

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Leaving No City Behind: Adapting Crisis Response to an Urbanizing World

May 20, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Humanitarian crises increasingly play out in urban settings: some 85 percent of the 21 countries that have received the most humanitarian aid in the last three years have some of the highest global urbanization rates.”

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Obama wants to hear what children have to say about science education

May 19, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Jacob Leggette said he believes it is important that children have a say in their science education. That’s why the 9-year-old budding engineer from Baltimore fearlessly approached President Obama at the White House Science Fair and asked: “Do you have a child science adviser?”.”

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Building a Safer World: 5 Questions for Francis Ghesquiere on How Innovation Is Changing the Way We Look at Disaster Risk

May 13, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Innovation is already changing the way we live, commute, shop, and more. But can it make the world a safer place from growing climate and disaster risk?”

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Les catastrophes naturelles provoquent deux fois plus de déplacements internes que les conflits

May 13, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Tempêtes, inondations, séismes, irruptions volcaniques, feux de forêt, glissements de terrain… En 2015, des catastrophes naturelles survenues dans cent treize pays ont provoqué le déplacement à l’intérieur de leur propre pays de 19,2 millions de personnes dans le monde.”

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Un projet à 15 millions de dollars pour démocratiser l’éducation grâce au logiciel libre

Mai 02, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Issues de 33 pays, 136 équipes vont développer des logiciels éducatifs à destination des enfants défavorisés. Les projets lauréats seront testés en Tanzanie. À l’origine de cette opération inédite, la fondation XPrize, l’UNESCO et le Programme alimentaire mondial.”

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How a bunch of tech geeks helped save Nepal’s earthquake victims

April 25, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“It was a few minutes before noon when it hit. The massive earthquake in Nepal touched off multiple avalanches in the snow-capped Himalayas, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. That day in April, a year ago today, turned into the bloodiest Mount Everest has ever seen. The quake killed roughly 9,000 people. More than twice as many were wounded.”

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Des réfugiés au Burundi peuvent suivre des cours de Harvard !

April 25, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Jérémy Lachal, le président de Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, nous raconte l’histoire d’IdeasBox et ce que peut le numérique pour amener les bibliothèques hors de leurs murs habituels.”

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[Infographie] L’essor du don sur salaire en France pour améliorer l’engagement des salariés

April 13, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Plébiscité depuis plus de 30 ans en Angleterre où il permet de récolter près de 107 millions de livres par an, le don sur salaire se développe rapidement en France. Plus de 150 entreprises françaises l’ont déjà adopté pour fédérer leurs collaborateurs autour d’une action solidaire commune et renforcer leur sentiment d’appartenance.”

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Les Savanturiers du Numérique

April 04, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Vendredi 1er avril s’est tenu dans le magnifique bâtiment du collège des Bernardins le premier opus de la présentation des Savanturiers du numérique. L’occasion d’aller à la rencontre de ceux avec qui les Cahiers pédagogiques ont engagé un partenariat.”

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Des écoles pour faire naître une nouvelle génération de codeurs « made in Africa »

March 28, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“A deux pas de la réserve animalière de Bouaké, au centre de la Côte d’Ivoire, une petite villa est en train de se transformer en une école d’un nouveau genre.”

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Ados en rupture et salariés ont partagé un repas sous la Grande Arche

March 16, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“La Défense, hier. L’association ASD, qui aide des jeunes de 11 à 25 ans, a convié des employés du quartier à venir les rencontrer et discuter avec eux autour d’un plat.”

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Education: le numérique pour lutter contre l’échec scolaire en primaire

March 07, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Le numérique fournit “une opportunité historique” dont l’Éducation …”

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Comment protéger 1 million de personnes des risques de tsunami “en une semaine”

March 03, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“En Guadeloupe et aux Antilles, la société civile s’organise et construit son propre système de protection”

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These Cheap Sensors Could Help Stop Fires That Sweep Through Urban Slums

February 26, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“Fighting fires is many times more difficult in slums, but this local early warning system—combined with trained locals—could help save lives.”

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De plus en plus d’enfants non scolarisés

February 16, 2016 | Rising sun overport

“La scolarisation des enfants dans le monde n’est pas seulement confrontée à l’insuffisance du nombre de manuels scolaires. Elle doit faire face à un nombre croissant d’enfants et d’adolescents qui ne vont pas ou plus à l’école, alors que la communauté internationale fixe comme nouvel objectif de développement durable la scolarisation universelle dans l’enseignement secondaire.”

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Early childhood education is the key to South Africa’s future

22 January 2016 | Rising sun overport

“More than 90 000 young children have benefitted so far from the initiative’s expert-developed practitioners’ guides, kits of educational toys and books, training for caregivers and ongoing monitoring.”

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L’Ecole de la philanthropie façonne des graines de bénévoles

4 January 2016 | Courant Positif

“Eveiller les jeunes à l’engagement citoyen : tel est l’objectif de l’Ecole de la philanthropie, une association créée par les Fondations Edmond de Rothschild, en partenariat avec l’Education nationale. Basée sur un programme en six étapes autour de ressources pédagogiques, l’initiative propose aux jeunes de 9 à 12 ans d’agir collectivement pour soutenir une association locale.”

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Are We Getting Smarter about Ed Tech?

19 November2015 | Edutopia

“”Will teachers be replaced by robots?” That was the provocative question asked by Scott McLeod (@mcleod), a leading voice in educational technology, at an international conference earlier this year.”

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La Défense : les grandes entreprises coachent les associations

6 November 2015 | Le Parisien

“Au 26e étage de la tour Manhattan ce vendredi, Fodié Sako explique à sept collaborateurs des plus grandes entreprises de La Défense le fonctionnement de son association, les Côtes d’Auty : « les adhérents ne sont pas forcément les bénéficiaires. La soupe populaire par exemple, n’est destinée qu’aux bénéficiaires ».”

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Education numérique en Afrique: passons à l’échelle supérieure

28 October 2015 | Youphil.com

“Les technologies de l’information et de la communication pour l’enseignement (TICE) alimentent de nombreux espoirs quant aux défis que rencontrent les systèmes éducatifs en Afrique. Quelles sont les conditions pour faciliter le changement d’échelle d’initiatives prometteuses?”

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Comment inciter ses salariés à la solidarité

24 September 2015 | Usine Nouvelle

“Dons, mécénat ou bénévolat de compétence, les modalités d’engagement citoyen au sein de l’entreprise ne manquent pas.”

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Humanité connectée

10 September 2015 | Libération

“Tribune. Ce qui singularise l’Homme est sa capacité d’empathie à l’égard de ses semblables. C’est aussi sans doute le sentiment le plus précieux qu’il lui a été donné de ressentir. Ce sentiment, si difficile à définir, à la croisée de la bienveillance et de l’égalité, est profondément ancré dans nos êtres. Aujourd’hui, beaucoup l’ont dans le ventre. Non, on ne laisse pas des hommes et des femmes mourir dans un bateau. Non, on ne laisse pas des enfants de trois ans décéder en fuyant la guerre dans leur pays. C’est une question d’humanité. ”

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Intrapreneurs : engagés de l’intérieur

4 September2015 | Libération

“Une nouvelle pratique émerge au sein des grandes entreprises : des employés montent des projets sociaux en interne afin de rendre les pratiques entrepreneuriales plus responsables. Rencontres.”

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Paul Duan wants to change the way we think about data

8 août 2015 | FWD.US

“FWD.us sat down with Paul Duan, the 22-year-old data scientist and founder of Bayes Impact. Paul gave us the inside scoop on his plans to revolutionize the public sector and change the way we think about data.”

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How ‘Crisis Mapping’ Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal

1 May 2015 | National Geographic

“Volunteers use a growing digital toolkit to chart passable roads and structurally sound buildings after the quake.”

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A Force for Good: How Digital Jedis are Responding to the Nepal Earthquake (Updated)

27 April 2015 | iRevolutions

“Digital Humanitarians are responding in full force to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal.”

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Another Way to Help Humanitarian Efforts in Nepal: Start Mapping

27 April 2015 | CityLab

“Citizen cartographers around the globe are tracing and checking roads, buildings, and open spaces to assist people on the ground. You can help.”

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Séisme au Népal : Google et Facebook vous aident à savoir si vos proches sont sains et saufs

27 April 2015 | Les Echos

“Lancée samedi , l’application “contrôle d’absence de danger” du réseau social permet de savoir si des amis ou des proches ont été touchés par une catastrophe naturelle.”

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Népal: le data et le crowdsourcing au service des humanitaires

26 April 2015 | Le Temps

“Le violent séisme qui a dévasté samedi la région de Katmandou, au Népal, illustre à nouveau le pouvoir collaboratif des plateformes sociales en ligne pour évaluer la réponse humanitaire.”

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La terre tremble ? Vite, twettez

3 March 2015 | Le Parisien

“Catastrophes. La Fondation Maif a lancé hier une campagne d’information sur une nouvelle application qui permet de signaler l’ampleur des séismes grâce aux contributions des internautes.”

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Can online classrooms help the developing world catch up ?

11 February 2015 | The Verge

“In 2012, a 15-year-old named Battushig Myanganbayar aced a circuits and electronics course designed for sophomores at MIT — from his school in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.”

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UAE Drones for Good receives 800 entries

21 January 2015 | gulfnews.com

“Dubai: The UAE ‘Drones for Good’ Award received more than 800 local, Arab and international entries.”

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School in the cloud : l’école dans le nuage

5 January 2015 | Vousnousils

“Concept né en Inde, “l’environnement d’auto-apprentissage” consiste à réunir un groupe d’élèves autour d’ordinateurs, et à les faire répondre, à distance, à une question, posée par un enseignant.”

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Les 10 innovations pédagogiques qui feront (peut-être) 2015

4 January 2015 | L’instit humeurs

“L’université britannique online The Open University a publié il y a quelques semaines son rapport annuel sur les pédagogies innovantes.”

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This 13-Year-Old Is So Impressive, Intel Is Investing Hundreds Of Thousands In His Startup

Eugene Kim | 9 November 2014 | Business Insider

“Shubham Banerjee, the 13-year old CEO of the Braille printer-maker Braigo Labs, had no idea what Braille was until last year.”

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Jules Ferry 3.0 : comment le numérique peut contribuer à l’Ecole?

Christophe Auffray | 6 October 2014 | ZDNet

Education : La transition numérique s’applique à tous, y compris à l’Ecole. Mais pour que cette mutation s’opère encore faut-il imaginer et adopter de nouvelles méthodes d’apprentissage et enseignements. Le CNNum apporte sa contribution à cette transition sous la forme de 40 recommandations.

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Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain

Jon Hamilton | 6 August 2014 | NPR

“This week, NPR Ed is focusing on questions about why people play and how play relates to learning.

When it comes to brain development, time in the classroom may be less important than time on the playground.”

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Distribuer l’aide humanitaire par drone, une solution?

26 May 2014 | Youphil

“Un entrepreneur grec vend aux ONG des drones conçus pour distribuer de l’aide humanitaire et médicale.”

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Ad n artist rendering of a Sentinel satellite.

The World’s newest environmental watchdog is a satellite

Jeanne Kim | 19 April 2014 | Salon.com

“The new Sentinel-1a will monitor oil spills, sea beds, natural disasters, and aid in humanitarian crises. With great power comes great responsibility and the Sentinel-1a definitely fits the bill.

The Sentinel-1a satellite was launched two weeks ago as part of the Copernicus project jointly funded by the European Union and European Space Agency (ESA). Its mission? To use its high-tech capabilities to monitor oil spills, sea beds, natural disasters and aid in humanitarian crises.”

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L’école dans le nuage, de l’Inde au monde entier

30 February 2014 | Le Monde

“En 1999, Sugata Mitra installe un ordinateur dans un bidonville de New Delhi, et constate que les enfants apprennent seuls à naviguer sur Internet.”

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Students working on computers

Why our kids should be taught how to code

John Naughton | 31 March 2012 | The Guardian

“There is a growing consensus that the way children in schools are being taught information technology is in need of a radical overhaul. Here John Naughton explains the problem and offers a manifesto for revolutionary action.”

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