Somos Científicos, ¡sácanos de aquí! – Zona Futuro – Spain, Latin America

Sponsored by Ramón Rementeria, Engineer, (Madrid, Spain)

Theme : Educational innovation

Project location : Spain, Latin America

Organisation : Escuelab

Winner 2018

At Stake

The demand for STEM professionals is anticipated to increase, but the number of university students is not growing accordingly. Students choose a future that they think matches their personality but the stereotype of an old, white man, who lives in a lab, limits their ability to imagine themselves working in STEM.
STEM careers provide a real opportunity for students to improve their life prospects, but too many do not see this option.

The Solution

Somos Científicos is an online STEM education platform that raises aspirations about science & technology. A section called “Future Zone” will be dedicated to an international activity in which 6 Thales engineers from different scientific fields and expertise will interact with junior and high-school students from Spain & Latin America.

The engineers create their profile on the website and engage directly with students in live text-based chats. The students can ask questions about whatever they want — work, careers, wider interests, the universe and beyond! Then they vote for the engineer they want to win a prize to design and deliver a workshop about his work. The classroom with the best chat will be first to test!


In 2018, Somos Scientificos plans to engage at least 4,600 students with 75 science and technology experts. Of these, at least 350 junior and high school students will interact with 6 engineers working at Thales on the “Future Zone” section of the platform. This online project is an opportunity to raise STEM aspirations of students located in remote or underserved areas, offering an equal access to engineers.

By connecting with scientists and engineers, students better understand their role and daily work, and learn that science, technology and maths lessons relate to real life.


Escuelab aims to encourage STEM culture within the Spanish-speaking population, spark interest in STEM careers within younger generations and increase STEM dissemination channels. It uses a range of both offline and online media to bring science closer to society, communicating its important role for economic growth and in our daily lives. In 2016, Escuelab reached almost 1,500 children directly and over 6,800 people indirectly through its outreach and educational materials.


“The world needs more researchers and engineers to face the challenges of the future, like climate change and transport in huge cities. Escuelab and the Somos Científicos project are doing a great job to make this a reality through innovative ideas, so I’m very happy to help Thales do its part.”

Ramón Rementeria, Engineer (Madrid, Spain)