Thales Foundation mobilises for Nepal


The Thales Foundation is mobilising to provide assistance in the wake of the powerful earthquake that struck Nepal one week ago and has just donated 12,000 euros — the sum raised in the selfie campaign that brought together employees in many of the Group’s countries of operation — to the NGO Télécoms Sans Frontières.
Télécoms Sans Frontières, the only NGO in the world specialised in emergency telecommunications, sent a team to the scene on 26 April. Its mission is to work quickly to offer local populations free telephone services and provide humanitarian organisations, the United Nations and the local government with reliable satellite connections so they can rapidly assess the status of telecoms in affected areas.
“The current estimated budget for this operation is 90,000 euros. The Thales Foundation is funding part of that sum, providing valuable support so we can continue our mission,” said Jean-François Cazenave, President of Télécoms Sans Frontières.
Télécoms Sans Frontières arrives on the scene
The NGO’s teams landed on 28 April and joined other international rescue teams camped out next to the airport. They immediately installed a high-speed Internet connection to provide free Wi-Fi access to the operations coordination centre and help coordinate search and rescue operations.
This Internet connection has allowed rescue teams to assess the situation, assign tasks to different teams and map the disaster area, helping to search for survivors still trapped under the rubble.
According to local mobile operators NCell and Nepal Telecom, 80% of relay antennas were either directly affected by the earthquake or indirectly affected by a lack of electricity after distribution lines were cut.
The next step for TSF is to continue assessing the damage to telecom infrastructure, focusing on areas outside of Kathmandu that remain cut off from the rest of the world.
Find out more about Télécoms Sans Frontières and its work in Nepal at http://www.tsfi.org/
More locally, another initiative has been launched in collaboration with the charitable trust ‘La Main Tendue’. Thales in India has initiated a relief material (dry food, emergency kits, etc) drive amongst employees. These items will be delivered by Main Tendue to those in immediate need in Nepal.”
For more about the evolving situation in Nepal:
– United Nations Nepal Information Platform: http://un.org.np/
– Blog by Patrick Meier, one of the Thales Foundation’s humanitarian assistance experts: http://irevolution.net/
– Humanitarian Response: http://www.humanitarianresponse.info/en/operations/nepal
To make an individual donation:
Contact one of the organisations working in Nepal (international and French websites):
Unicef et Support Unicef
Red Cross
IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)
Fondation de France
Médecins Sans Frontières et MSF-India
Action Contre la Faim
Handicap International
Electriciens Sans Frontières

Selfie campaign
Held to mark the launch of the Thales Foundation, the selfie campaign mobilised Thales employees from around the world. For each selfie of two co-workers posted to the Foundation’s website, Thales donated 20 euros to the Foundation. Thanks to your smiles, we were able to raise 12,000 euros!