Thales Foundation partner Télécoms Sans Frontières: making a difference for 20 years

Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) is celebrating 20 years of humanitarian work in over 70 countries and in support of more than 20 million people and nearly 850 NGOs and institutions. Learn more about the work of this extraordinary association, which has received support from the Thales Foundation since 2015 and from Thales employees through the Group’s payroll giving programme.



Created in 1998, TSF is the world’s leading NGO specialised in providing new technologies and telecommunication services in crisis situations. Its mission is to restore communications for affected populations, governments and national and international humanitarian agencies in times of crisis. As little as three hours after they are alerted of a major crisis, TSF’s teams are sent into the field to organise the communication logistics that are crucial for coordinating and managing rescue efforts and providing humanitarian assistance.


A look back at an extraordinary human adventure with two of the organisation’s founders


TSF develops technologies used during different types of medium- to long-term humanitarian crises in response to security, assistance, education, nutrition, health and food security challenges. It currently has 139 missions under way in 73 different countries. In parts of Syria, TSF is providing children with tablet computers so they can access digital learning resources. In Mexico and Venezuela, TSF is providing access to priority calling services for migrants and developing an information distribution system to protect their interests in one of the largest migratory crises South America has ever known.



Nearly 450 Thales employees in France are supporting TSF’s efforts to respond quickly to natural disasters through the payroll giving programme. Since 2015, support from the Thales Foundation and employee donations has really helped TSF to make a difference in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake and in Haiti, Madagascar and the Caribbean.


Télécoms Sans Frontières celebrated its 20-year anniversary with staff and partners on 25 June 2018. At the event, the association recognised the Thales Foundation for its life-changing humanitarian contributions.

The Thales Foundation is very proud to be a TSF partner, and would like to convey the NGO’s sincere gratitude to all of the Thales employees who support its activities through the payroll giving programme.


The payroll giving programme allows all Thales employees in France to support a charity project by donating a few cents from their paycheck each month and, if they wish, by making an additional donation of up to 10 euros. 100% of the donations go to the association and the Group has agreed to match employee donations. The payroll giving programme requires no long-term commitment; microdonors can change the amount they give, end their participation, or donate to a different project at any time.


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