Thales Foundation – Volunteer Story of the Month: Clare Bishop

In this new column, Thales employees share their experiences volunteering for Thales Foundation projects.


This month, Clare Bishop, head of Human Resources (AVS, Thales UK), explains why she became a volunteer for the “Accelerated Education Method in Cambodia” project in 2016.



Title: Head of HR, AVS


Site: Crawley (UK)


Project: Accelerated Education Method in Cambodia, for the association Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant


Mission: Develop educational tools for students aged 7-8 on the subject of the Earth’s rotation




Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

CB: “I became a volunteer for the Thales Foundation because I believe strongly we should all help people less fortunate than ourselves and it was a great opportunity to use my children’s learning at school and adapt that to a school in Phnom Penh located in the south-central region of Cambodia.”


Can you briefly describe your role as a volunteer for this project?


CB: “I was asked to create learning and training materials for students aged 7-8 on the topic of the Earth’s rotation and the Earth’s format. As a volunteer, I created the learning and training materials on my own time, conducted research on the Internet and used my son’s primary education/ schooling to ensure that I was creating appropriate materials for the age group.”


Would you like to share a good memory or an anecdote related to this project?


CB: “As I was writing the learning and training materials, I felt good and humbled that I was doing this for children who live in Cambodia, over 6,000 miles away from me, and that it would hopefully help them prepare for their future.”


What would you say to others who hesitate to become a volunteer?


CB: “Don’t hesitate – do something good! The personal payback is that you feel you have done something that adds real value and that helps people or children that need our help and deserve our help.”


What motivates and inspires you to do your best for such a project?


CB: “We are so lucky and fortunate to work for a great, dynamic company such as Thales. The people who we are helping as part of the Thales Foundation don’t have the same opportunities as us, so we have our own personal responsibility to help and give our all.”


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