The Foundation in Action



Designing projects is good. Making them happen is even better. Learn more about the work of two associations supported by the Thales Foundation: one in Mali and the other in Nepal.


A tech parade from classroom to classroom in Mali


The association France Mali Initiatives Développement designed a mobile lab that’s traveling the country to help give students a better and more concrete understanding of basic concepts in science and technology. The lab is being used for demonstrations and hands-on activities in physics, electricity, electronics, mechanics and optics. Learn more about the association’s activities through photos and videos taken by Sébastien Rieussec (Capa Pictures).

















Rebuilding the future in Nepal


At over 2,000 metres altitude, volunteers for Orche Nepal are working to restore access to clean water and rebuild the village of Gatlang, which was destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2015, using locally-sourced materials and earthquake-resistant building techniques following a model that can be reproduced in other villages. But their role doesn’t stop there, as you can see in a report filmed by photographer Hugo Mathy (Capa Pictures). Their mission is also to comfort and care for affected villagers, particularly children.